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The International OCD Foundation does amazing work in OCD research, and awareness. Their mission is "to help all individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and related disorders to live full and productive lives. They work to increase access to effective treatment, end the stigma associated with mental health issues, and foster a community for those affected by OCD and the professionals who treat them." 

If you ever need information about OCD and treatment go to for the most to date information. They have information for professionals treating OCD, parents, people with OCD, and anyone interested in learning more. One of my favorites is their recommended book list

I highly recommend checking them out and learning more about OCD and the resources around you. 


Ryan's Story

Written by | Amy

The International OCD Foundation has a great blog on their website. They highlight new research, upcoming events, treatment, guest writers and more. Some of my favorites are guest writers who share their own experience with OCD and treatment. I recently ran into Ryan's Story, a real, down to earth, and inspiring sharing of the ups and downs experienced when suffering with OCD. 

A lot of times OCD or anxiety tells us that the intrusive thoughts are bad, we should keep them quiet, and hide our pain from the people in our life. Don't let the OCD monster suck you into this!! Share what you are going through and let your support system help you. Educate the world around us about OCD and help others get the help they need. At The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center our clients have the opportunity to build friendships with others who experience similar hardships, and support from astaff that cares deeply for each person that comes in to the program. 

The challenge today is to be vulnerable. Talk to someone and share what you are going through or write about your experiences in the comments and share with us and our readers. -- You can do it! (imagine me doing a "you can do it" dance) 


Fighting OCD is difficult especially if you are doing it on your own. Do you have family and friends that understand OCD and are supportive of your treatment? Sometimes, even when the people around us are supportive, it helps to talk with people who are going through the same things. Find a support group near you on the International OCD Foundation website using the search bar.

If you are in Utah we have a free support group at The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center every other Tuesday night at 7 PM. 

Give us a call to find out when the next one is happening! 801-298-2000

Similar to other OCD support groups we always start with the Obsessive Compulsive Creed. How can you use this creed in your day to day life?

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