Obsessions are thoughts, impulses and images that reoccur many times throughout a day. These obsessions can be incredibly disturbing and they are absolutely unwanted. Obsessions are not controllable by a person with OCD. Under usual circumstances, someone with OCD knows that their obsessions are unreasonable. To add to the discomfort of grotesque thoughts; obsessions are generally accompanied by emotions like uncertainty, terror, loathing and a feeling that something has to be just right. Obsessions take over a person’s day and living a normal life is impossible. Family, work, hobbies and regular tasks become secondary to powerful obsessions. As you can imagine, a person’s world will crumble around them as their obsessions become stronger with time.

We as a society need to be aware of how commonly we use the work obsession. We treat it casually and without regard for the true meaning of the word when discussing OCD.  Those of us that treat and live with OCD have a hard time when someone uses obsession casually, it takes away from the suffering we see and live.

Compulsions complete OCD. Compulsions are repeated thoughts or actions that bring down the sick feeling or anxiety brought on by obsessions. We call compulsions “neutralizing”. Neutralizing makes the obsessions go away for a brief time-period. OCD sufferers know that the relief will not last, but they would rather fulfill their compulsions than suffer with the overwhelming feeling brought on by obsessions. Please do not confuse compulsions with routine. They are not the same. OCD sufferers complete compulsions to escape pain and fear brought on by intrusive thoughts or specific situations (obsessions).

If you or someone you know is suffering in this way, please know that you are not alone. OCD is treatable. I have helped more people than one could imagine learn to manage their OCD symptoms. Find someone who can help you today. Life is too short to do otherwise.


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